About Us

The Sound of Violins is run by Marco Matathia who has over 44 years experience in the violin business. Marco is a trusted violinist and seller who has been selling musical instruments to professionals and students for over two decades.

Marco is an experienced violin maker who repairs and restores violins, violas, cellos and bows. As a perfectionist with a high standard he restores instruments with the highest of quality.

Marco has always had a passion for playing the violin and eventually went into repairing, restoring and selling these fine instruments.

He studied and attained a diploma at Leeds College of Music for two years. He has also attained a Master’s Degree in Playing and Teaching the Violin. As well as attaining a diploma for Violin Making at the famous Newark International School of Violin Making.


A Personalised Service

Marco gives advice for players purchasing an instrument, he ensures that the instrument is suited for the player as well as provides information on how players should maintain the instrument.

Warranty is provided and part exchange for older instruments is accepted.


Marco believes that the instrument should be perfectly matched to the player, he ensures each violin is in good condition with great sound.